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Europe has a lot of fascinating cities and world-class sites waiting to be explored. Deciding where to go is all part of the fun of planning your European trip. Check out our itinerary ideas and get inspired. Tell us where you want to go and what you like to see.

We are specialists in planning travel by train and our travel experts will help you to make your travel wish come true. Our tours never leave the ground and guests can expect not only a worthwhile experience but one with a smaller carbon footprint. Thanks to our partnership with rail carriers and hotels, we can guarantee a rich assortment of offers at attractive prices for travel throughout Europe. 

We have the experience and possibililties to make rail travel your best travel choice!

Itinerary Ideas.

In case you are planning to start and end your tour in Berlin, Germany you might be interested in this itinerary: Berlin - Amsterdam - Paris - Munich - Vienna - Prague - Berlin

If you want to start your tour in the United Kindom, but end it in the Czech Republic, you might be interested in the following itinerary: London - Brussels - Amsterdam - Hamburg - Copenhagen - Berlin - Prague

Guests who like to visit the German Christmas markets in November/December usually choose: Frankfurt - Würzburg - Nuremberg - Munich - Heidelberg

Visit Europe's top highlights.

Get around on Europe's comfortable trains, arrive in the heart of each city and have the freedom to choose where and when you go! The following destionations are most popular amongst our guests:

Copenhagen (Denmark) | Malmö (Sweden) | Gothenburg (Sweden) | Oslo (Norway) | Hamburg (Germany) | Frankfurt (Germany) | Cologne (Germany) | Mannheim/Heidelberg (Germany) | Stuttgart (Germany) | Munich (Germany) | Nuremberg (Germany) | Berlin (Germany) | Leipzig (Germany) | Dresden (Germany) | Amsterdam (Netherlands) | Brussels (Belgium) | London (UK) | Paris (France) | Lyon (France) | Milano (Italy) | Venice (Italy) | Florence (Italy) | Verona (Italy) | Salzburg (Austria) | Vienna (Austria) | Bratislava (Slovakia) | Budapest (Hungary) | Prague (Czech Republic) | Poznan (Poland) | Warsaw (Poland)

This is just a selection, any other city you wish to see can be added to your individual itinerary!

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